Domestic violence in the Netherlands

Domestic violence in the Netherlands

The Domestic Violence in the Netherlands investigation revealed that more than 200.000 individuals in the Netherlands fall victim to domestic violence every year.

The investigation was performed by the Research and Documentation Centre and the INTERVICT Institute 13 years after the first one and reveals that:
 Most perpetrators of domestic violence are men (83%).
 Most victims of serious domestic violence are women (60%).
 25% of the victims have attempted suicide.
 30% of perpetrators often commit other crimes within two years.
 Physical (sexual) violence counts for 65% (8%) of the cases.
 Approximately 40% (15%) of victims have been temporarily (permanently) injured.
 In many cases, perpetrators have been or still are victims of domestic violence.
 Nearly 20% of domestic violence is reported to the Dutch police. Back in 1997, reports counted for 12% of the cases.

Additional measures for a stricter approach to domestic violence are to be expected until June 2011.

In case you are in an abusive situation visit Huiselijk Geweld (page in Dutch), click on the map or enter your zip code to spot an institution / organisation nearby.



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