De Jonge: One jab likely won’t be enough to travel without a test

De Jonge: One jab likely won’t be enough to travel without a test

The EU has said that anyone who is only partially vaccinated against coronavirus will be eligible to apply for the EU COVID-19 certificate so they can travel this summer. However, Dutch Health Minister Hugo de Jonge has said anyone who has only received one jab will likely still have to get tested before leaving the Netherlands

Only those fully vaccinated against coronavirus can travel without a test

At the end of May, the EU reached an agreement about the so-called coronavirus passport, confirming that anyone who is partially vaccinated will be able to travel under the COVID-19 certificate, but that each individual country will be able to decide for themselves whether they believe only one jab provides sufficient protection from the virus. 

In order to travel to the countries where one jab is deemed insufficient, anyone who is partially vaccinated will also have to get tested for coronavirus. However, De Jonge has said he feels it is unlikely that people will be able to travel safely without being tested for coronavirus unless they are fully vaccinated. 

De Jonge says Dutch government will likely offer free PCR tests

De Jonge said he expected the EU would agree that only those who are fully vaccinated will be able to travel without getting tested for coronavirus. Therefore, the Health Minister has said that “it makes sense” for the Dutch government to provide free PCR tests for people who want to travel internationally but are yet to be fully vaccinated.

He emphasised, however, that a decision was yet to be made, but would likely be announced over the coming weeks. It is not yet known whether the free tests will also be offered to people who cannot or do not want to be vaccinated.

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