Could summer weather be on its way back to the Netherlands?

Could summer weather be on its way back to the Netherlands?

Dutch weather is notoriously unreliable - the past few weeks have seen storms, flooding, tropical temperatures, and miserable autumn-like weather. As the rain pours and the sun hides behind clouds, could summer weather be slowly making its way back to the Netherlands?

The rain will pass

More people than usual will be opting for a staycation this summer to avoid travelling during the coronavirus pandemic, so perhaps this year's weather is even more important than normal.

According to, the coming week will see typical inconsistent Dutch weather, with rain and cloudy days followed by days where the sun will win the fight and shine through the clouds. Today will be windy with intermittent showers, and temperatures will reach a high of 19 degrees. 

But as the week progresses, the wind will calm down and temperatures should rise up to potentially 23 degrees in southern parts of the country. This weekend should see a real change though into drier and sunnier weather, with temperatures potentially going up to 25 degrees. The sun is also expected to be quite bright and strong, with a sun-strength of 6 or 7, so be careful!

Summer in the Netherlands

Luckily, the changeable and dreary weather that we will experience this week is not expected to follow us into next week! Similarly to what is expected this weekend, the weather next week should remain sunny and dry, with temperatures sitting around the 20-degree mark across the country.

And good news! The temperatures should continue to rise as next week progresses, and they may even be able to climb up to 28 degrees. So, get out that sunscreen and find yourself a nice park or terrace to make the most of the sunshine!

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