Could snow be coming to the Netherlands?

Could snow be coming to the Netherlands?

Yes, we may have just experienced some summer sun in October, but the Dutch weather, fickle as it is, is now taking a cold turn. It’s time to swap your shorts and t-shirts for jumpers and fluffy socks, as the weather gets colder and snow may be on the way.

Falling temperatures in the Netherlands

On Friday, October 26, the skies will colour an all too familiar shade of grey and showers are expected across the country, along with the possibility of storms and hail. Highs of 12C are forecast and it is likely that this temperature will be reached during the morning, only for it to drop a few degrees during the afternoon.

With cold air originating from the polar region reaching the Netherlands, temperatures may drop significantly during Friday night, with lows of 1C in the east of the country to 5C at the coast forecasted. Should the wind die down; there is a possibility of ground frost in places with sandy soil.

During the weekend it may start to feel chilly, with highs of only 10C on Saturday, October 27, and 8C on Sunday, October 28. On Sunday, a strong northeastern wind will bring cold air from Scandinavia to the country and, with the wind blowing moderately to rather strongly, real feel temperatures could end up only a few degrees above freezing point.

From this weekend onwards, there is a pretty high possibility of night frost. In higher parts of the Netherlands, such as Limburg and the hills of the Veluwe, we could even get some sleet / snow. The possibility of this is around 10 to 15 percent, and there is of course the question of whether or not it settles.

On Monday, October 29 and Tuesday, October 30, highs of around 6C to 7C and 4C to 8C are expected respectively. The wind will not be a pleasant factor these days, with moderate to strong winds anticipated. On Tuesday, prepare yourself for cold rain showers of around 4C to 5C.

Is the cold weather here to stay?

Luckily, for those who hate the cold, the answer to this question seems to be no. It looks like Tuesday will be the last abnormally cold day, as the wind changes and warmer air is brought to the Netherlands. By the end of the week, we can expect afternoon temperatures of 10C to 15C, slightly warmer than usual for the start of November.

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