Could Jack Frost be leaving the Netherlands?

Could Jack Frost be leaving the Netherlands?

Yes, the last few days have been pretty cold, freezing in fact. But it looks as though we might not have to endure the frosty weather for too much longer. According to Weerplaza, Jack Frost may be leaving the country at the start of December and taking the cold weather back with him to Russia.

Cold winter days in the Netherlands

This past week, a chilling eastern wind has resulted in temperatures often too cold for this time of year. We have even experienced the first sleet and snow of the winter period in the north and east of the country due to the low temperatures. This cold weather stands in stark contrast with the extended hot summer the Netherlands has had this year.

The question on everyone’s minds is now, of course, is the cold weather here to stay? Unfortunately, it's unclear whether or not the cold is staying or leaving. Next week we can expect it to be colder than usual, with temperatures barely rising above 5C. Normally, afternoon temperatures for this time of year in the centre of the country are around 7C to 8C.

Are warmer days on the way?

According to the weather model at Weerplaza, there is a 50 percent chance that the Dutch weather will turn a corner from December 3 and the Netherlands will experience warmer temperatures. However, it could go the opposite way and the cold weather could persist.

In the warmer weather scenario, warm air advances to the Netherlands and the cold retreats back to Russia. From December 10 until December 16, the forecast gives slightly warmer temperatures than usual and drier conditions. Whether or not the purported warmer temperatures will become a reality remains to be seen.

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