Coronavirus update (March 22): 4204 confirmed cases

Coronavirus update (March 22): 4204 confirmed cases

The RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and Environment) reports that, since the last update, another 573 people in the Netherlands have tested positive for COVID-19, the illness that is caused by the new coronavirus. This means that the new total of infected people is 4204. 

Coronavirus situation in the Netherlands

Of the 4204 people infected, another 43 have died since yesterday, March 21, bringing the death toll to 179. The deceased were between 57 and 97 years old. In total, 988 patients are or have been admitted to hospital.

North Brabant has the highest number of coronavirus infections, namely 1404 positive tests. South Holland has the second-highest number of positive tests (585), followed by North Holland (535).

Stay at home

Extra measures were announced to curb the spread of the virus. These include the closure of all food and drink establishments, excluding supermarkets, the closure of schools and all fitness clubs and saunas, amongst other things. It's also no longer possible to visit nursing homes. 

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