Coronavirus update (April 22): Over 4.000 confirmed Covid-19 deaths

Coronavirus update (April 22): Over 4.000 confirmed Covid-19 deaths

The RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and Environment) reports that, since the last update, another 708 people in the Netherlands have tested positive for COVID-19, the illness that is caused by the new coronavirus. This means that the new total of infected people is 34.842. 

Coronavirus situation in the Netherlands

Of the 34.842 people infected, another 138 people have died since yesterday*, April 21, bringing the death toll to 4.054. In total, 10.021 (+124) patients are or have been admitted to hospital. As not all people are getting tested, the true number of people infected with the new coronavirus is higher than reported. 

*There may be a delay between the day of death and the day that it is reported. 

Date Confirmed cases Hospital admissions Deaths
April 22 34.842 (+708) 10.021 (+124) 4.054 (+138)
April 21 34.134 (+729) 9.897 (+118) 3.916 (+165)
April 20 33.405 (+750) 9.779 (+75) 3.751 (+67)
April 19 32.655 (+1.066) 9.704 (+110) 3.684 (+83)
April 18 31.589 (+1.140) 9.594 (+129) 3.601 (+142)
April 17 30.449 (+1.235) 9.465 (+156) 3.459 (+144)
April 16 29.214 (+1.016) 9.309 (+182) 3.315 (+181)

Coronavirus measures

The following measures are in place:


  • Primary schools are to reopen from May 11, as well as special needs education and child care centres (ages 0-4).
  • Primary school students will go to school part-time and classes will be halved. 
  • Special education students in primary schools may attend school every day. 
  • When taking your children to school, avoid public transport if possible. 
  • Secondary schools should start planning for the return of their students from June 2. 


  • From April 29, children aged 12 and under will be able to play team sports again, under supervision. 
  • Children aged 13 to 18 will be able to play team sports, under supervision, however, the 1.5-metre distance rule applies. 
  • Official matches are not allowed to take place. 
  • Top-level athletes can begin resuming their training sessions if they can adhere to the 1.5-metre distance rule. 

People 70+

  • From April 29, people who are 70+ and are living independently may be visited by the same one or two people, occasionally. 


  • Ban on all social events that need a permit until September 1, this includes professional football.

Measures until May 20

  • The following facilities will remain closed: saunas, casinos, sex clubs, food and drink establishments. Takeaway orders and delivery is still possible. This includes coffee shops. 
  • Public locations will remain closed, such as concert halls, museums and theatres.
  • Stay home as much as possible. Only leave your house if you can't work from home, to get groceries, to get some fresh air and exercise or to help someone in need.
  • Keep a 1,5-metre distance from one another (exception: families and children under 12). Groups of over 2 people who are not keeping their distance may be fined. 
  • A maximum of 3 visitors in your home is allowed, only if you can keep a 1,5-metre distance from each other. 
  • It is no longer possible to carry out "contact" professions, such as but not limited to, hairstylists, massage therapists, escort services, nail stylists and driving instructors.
  • Ban on all social gatherings. Exceptions: weddings, funerals, religious meetings (max 30 people, 1,5-metre distance).
  • The government advises against travelling abroad unless absolutely necessary.
  • Mayors will have the power to close public spaces.
  • People who work in vital professions may only stay home from work when they have a fever (discuss with your employer).


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