Coronavirus tests for people not showing symptoms from December

Coronavirus tests for people not showing symptoms from December

An announcement from the Dutch government has revealed that certain groups of people will be eligible for a coronavirus test from December 1, even if they are not showing symptoms. 

Get tested if you've been in contact with someone who's tested positive

In a press release published on Thursday, the government announced that people who have been in contact with an infected person, and have been contacted via the GGD source and contact research or through a notification from the CoronaMelder app, will be able to get tested, even if they aren’t suffering from any symptoms of coronavirus

These people will be eligible for a test on the fifth day after their most recent contact with the infected person(s). If the test comes back negative, then they will not have to carry out the 10-day quarantine. 

The government highlights the importance of using the right test in cases where someone isn’t showing symptoms. They have determined that the PCR and LAMP PCR tests are accurate and sensitive enough to detect the virus. Therefore, to ensure the person is tested using the correct system, a separate phone number will be introduced for people who wish to make an appointment for a test. 

Expanding coronavirus testing capacity in the Netherlands

Since the spring, the Dutch government has been keen to increase the testing capacity across the Netherlands, in order to allow everyone and anyone to get tested whenever they want to or feel it is necessary. 

Alongside this recent development, Health Minister Hugo de Jonge is hoping to introduce a new system from March 2021 that will allow for everyone in the Netherlands to get tested on a monthly basis, regardless of whether or not they are showing symptoms. In order for this goal to be realised, additional testing locations will need to be set up, and more staff will be required.

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