Coronavirus restrictions in Netherlands cause decline in other infections

Coronavirus restrictions in Netherlands cause decline in other infections

In light of the restrictions put in place to help combat the spread of the coronavirus, scientists have noticed a decline in the number of cases of other infections like gastroenteritis and German measles.

The impact of social distancing

According to Dr Christain Hoebe, social distancing and better hygiene requirements have not only helped combat the spread of the coronavirus; it has also led to a decline in the number of cases of multiple other infectious diseases and viruses.

It is reported that, since the introduction of the quarantine restrictions, the number of registered gastroenteritis cases and other stomach bugs has halved. For children under the age of four, the number of cases has fallen by a huge 80 percent. The number of ear infections in children has fallen from 500 per week to 100 and doctors have even reported a decline in cases of mumps, German measles, impetigo and whooping cough.

Little change to the number of road fatalities

Despite there being fewer cars on the road, figures from the police and traffic management bureau (VIA) have shown there has been little change in the number of traffic deaths. This year, between March 16 and April 26, 62 people died in traffic accidents. This is but a slight decline when compared to the average of 65 from previous years.

While the number of deaths has remained similar, the total amount of driving accidents has actually halved. This is due to a big decline in minor accidents like bumps or small collisions.

VIA spokesperson, Erik Donkers, explained that the children and the elderly are more at risk of traffic accidents. This is due to children cycling and playing outside more, while the elderly are more likely to cycle than take public transport.

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