Coronavirus press conference: Extra measures announced

Coronavirus press conference: Extra measures announced

At today’s coronavirus press conference, extra measures were announced. They are as follows:

  • All social gatherings are banned until June 1. The 100-people limit is no longer valid. There will be exceptions when it comes to funerals and church weddings.
  • Mayors will get more power to take additional measures, if and when necessary. This includes closing public spaces, such as parks, playgrounds, beaches, etc. If shops don’t follow the rules, they may be closed as well.
  • If people (groups of three or more) don’t follow the announced measures, including the 1,5-metre distance rule, they may be fined. Companies can get a fine of up to 4.000 euros, while civilians can get a fine of up to 400 euros per person.
  • Hairdressers and nail salons will be closed.
  • If one person in your home has a fever, the whole household should stay indoors.
  • A maximum of three visitors is allowed in each household, and only if it’s possible to adhere to the 1,5-metre distance rule.

Intelligent lockdown

Prime Minister Rutte called the extra measures “an intelligent lockdown”, hoping these stricter measures will be enough to avoid a total lockdown. This means you can still go outside for some fresh air (preferably alone), go to work if you can’t work from home, and do your grocery shopping (also preferably alone).

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Francisco Alien... 09:34 | 24 March 2020

Good Morning! Do you know if the government has put in place any sort of measures to help citizens and residents affected by the corona crisis to pay the rent?

Kristin de Voss 12:15 | 25 March 2020

I would also like to know. My daughter is a student in Amsterdam and can no longer work due to closure of restaurants and bars. Please let me know if you find out..thanks