Coronavirus press conference: Curfew and negative travel advice extended

Coronavirus press conference: Curfew and negative travel advice extended

At the press conference on March 8, acting Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Health Minister Hugo de Jonge announced that the coronavirus measures currently in place will be extended, however, there will be some small adjustments.

Small adjustments

There will be no major relaxation of the coronavirus measures currently in place, as experts say the infection rate in the Netherlands is still too high to loosen the reins too much. This means that the current measures, including the curfew, will be in place until (at least) March 30.

However, there will be some small adjustments to some of the coronavirus measures from March 16:

  • Swimming lessons: 12-year-olds and under can take swimming lessons again
  • Sports: People aged 27 and over will be allowed to do sports outside with a maximum of 4 people
  • Shopping by appointment: Shops larger than 50 square metres, one customer per 25 square metres, with a maximum of 50 people in total

Negative travel advice extended

During the press conference, the Dutch government once again reiterated the advice not to travel internationally. This advice will remain in place until (at least) April 15. On March 23, at the next press conference, they will announce travel advice for the May holiday.

More freedom for vaccinated people?

The Dutch government is also looking into giving people who have been vaccinated or who received a negative fast test more freedom. What this may look like is not yet known, as a proposal for this is being further elaborated.

Next press conference

The government will review the restrictions and the coronavirus situation in the Netherlands over the coming weeks, with the next press conference scheduled for March 23.

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RolandVerdon2 09:48 | 9 March 2021

So ridiculous! Measures are just restricting people’s liberties! Some « experts » and politicians will have to give accounts one day!