Coronavirus measures extended until April 28

Coronavirus measures extended until April 28

In today’s coronavirus press conference, Prime Minister Rutte announced that the existing coronavirus measures that were in place until April 6 have been extended to April 28, while health minister De Jonge announced that the Netherlands’ test capacity will be quadrupled.

April 28

For the next four weeks, until April 28, all food and drink establishments will remain closed (excluding supermarkets), as well as all fitness clubs, saunas, hairdressers and nail salons. The other existing measures will also stay in effect until this date.

Schools will remain closed until May 3, after the May school holidays.

Prime Minister Rutte added, “We realise that we are asking a lot of people, but these measures are really necessary”.

May holiday

During the conference, Rutte stressed that people who are thinking about booking a May holiday should reconsider, “We don’t want people travelling all over the country. After April 28, things will not return back to normal right away. So, please do not make any May holiday plans.”


From Monday, April 6, healthcare workers who do not work in hospitals will be tested for the virus as well. Currently, around 4.000 people a day are being tested. De Jonge wants to quadruple this number, so, “We can start testing people who do not work in healthcare”.

After April 28

Roughly a week before April 28, the cabinet will once again decide whether the coronavirus measures will have to be extended again. “There is a real chance that we have to extend the measures past April 28”, states Rutte.

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