Coldest winter night in the Netherlands

Coldest winter night in the Netherlands

The coldest winter night in the Netherlands, so far, is coming. During the night of February 6, temperatures will cool down across the Netherlands and in some places it will reach -13C just above the ground.

Freezing temperatures in the Netherlands

Temperatures below -5C indicate a moderate frost. On February 5, during the night, a moderate frost was recorded at the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) measuring point De Bilt. 

In general, temperatures throughout the night of February 5 ranged from -3C to -5C in the Netherlands. This winter, the lowest temperature was recorded on December 10 in Hoogeveen and was -6,2C.

During the night of February 6, temperatures around the country will fall to around -5C or -8C. In the northeast of the Netherlands, it could even drop to -9C.

The temperature at around 10 centimetres above the ground may plummet to -10C and -13C in the northeast and east of the Netherlands. Temperatures below -10C indicate a harsh frost, the last of which was recorded at a weather station in Twente on January 23, 2017.

Cold week in the Netherlands

After the night of February 6, temperatures will slowly start to increase, and in the east, south and central area of the Netherlands, temperatures of -5C to -7C are expected during the night of February 7.

The slow increase in temperature will continue throughout the week, but temperatures will still be below freezing point until Sunday when temperatures are expected to reach 0C at night.

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