Coding with JetLearn: Empowering the next generation of tech innovators

Coding with JetLearn: Empowering the next generation of tech innovators


If you look around, you’ll see that technology has woven its way into the fabric of our daily lives. With lightning-fast speed, it has revolutionised how humans communicate, work, and live. The future is bright and technology is definitely leading the charge.

Tech innovations have shattered the limitations of what was once thought impossible. It continues to shape our world in ways that one can only imagine; your child will have to face technology in every job opportunity they’ll get in the future. This is where JetLearn comes in, the expert guides on your child’s tech-savvy journey.

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About JetLearn

Amsterdam-based JetLearn is Europe's best coding academy for kids offering live 1:1 classes for learners in 46 countries. JetLearn's mission is to empower children with a foundation in new-age technology skills like coding and programming, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and Robotics in a hyper-personalised way.

How JetLearn prepares children for a tech-savvy future  

Their technology platform powers live 1:1 online lessons and fun-learning workshops. Their personalised curriculum is crafted according to every child's learning pace and interest.

In addition, JetLearn trains children for competitive hackathons via their world-leading curriculum and inspirational teachers. All about shaping young minds, they want their students to conquer new-age technology skills so they can lead the future and become the successful creators of tomorrow.

Every class is a new adventure

With a focus on making each class a thrilling adventure, JetLearn is dedicated to unlocking the potential of each and every learner. Here’s how they do it:

  • Live 1:1 online classes: In a 1:1 teacher-student ratio, your child gets the complete attention of their mentor and can learn coding easily without any doubts.
  • Top 1% teachers: Their tutors have a strong computer science background and are keen to teach coding to your kid.
  • Personalised curriculum: JetLearn personalises the curriculum according to your child's interest and ensure they have fun while learning.
  • Project-based learning: Their learners make projects implementing the coding concepts they have studied throughout the course.

JetLearn's accreditations

JetLearn is a name you can trust. They are a trailblazer in the world of tech education for young learners. Accredited by two of the most respected organisations in education, and Educational Alliance Finland, JetLearn stands at the forefront of innovation and quality. But that's not all, JetLearn is also a partner to some of the most prestigious universities and schools worldwide, including INSEAD, Leiden University, and the International School of Delft.

These collaborations are a testament to JetLearn's commitment to providing students with a cutting-edge, future-proof education in the exciting world of technology. Furthermore, JetLearn has also been recognised as one of the Top 5 in the "STEM for Kids" category in the HolonIQ Europe Startup List (2022).

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JetLearn is offering one free trial coding class for your children as well as 10% off upon subscribing for three months to all IamExpat community members. Mention "IamExpat" while filling out the sign-up form to claim the offer.

Contact JetLearn

Invest in your child's future today by giving them the tools they need to thrive in the tech-driven world of tomorrow. Watch as they soar to new heights by enroling in JetLearn. Visit their Facebook page, Instagram, or LinkedIn for more information and updates.



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