Code yellow: Tuesday may end in storms

Code yellow: Tuesday may end in storms

Update: It is now code orange for Zeeland, North Brabant and South Holland!

Today (Tuesday, June 4) could end in storms with large amounts of rain, strong winds and hail! Not something you’d expect if you look out of the window at the weather right now, with the sun beaming down and the wind practically non-existent.

The whole country on alert for storms

The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) has issued a code yellow for the whole country tonight due to the expected thunderstorms. During the afternoon, the sky will cloud up and the possibility of thunderstorms, hail and strong gusts of wind will increase.

In the evening, heavy thunderstorms will move over the Netherlands from the southwest to northeast. With these storms, gusts of wind could reach speeds of 75 – 100 km/h, and possibly even 120 km/h in some areas. This means it could be strong enough to blow branches off of trees or even whole trees over. The storms will depart in the early hours of Wednesday, June 5.


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