Climate Minister promises no one will go cold this winter as government mulls ways to help

Climate Minister promises no one will go cold this winter as government mulls ways to help

As the Dutch government works to introduce more measures to protect the population from high energy costs, Climate Minister Rob Jetten has promised that no one in the Netherlands will “be left out in the cold” this winter

Jetten: No one in the Netherlands will be left out in the cold this winter

Appearing as a guest on the talk show Op1, Jetten addressed concerns about dramatically rising energy bills. Speaking on behalf of his fellow cabinet members, the climate minister agreed that no one should see their energy switched off if they are unable to pay their bills. 

"For me, one thing is really paramount: nobody should be left out in the cold in the Netherlands," Jetten stated, pointing out that it would be wrong for people to suffer in the coming months when the government has already committed to “a good structural solution” which will come into effect in the new year. 

Dutch government looking into more ways to combat rising energy bills 

While some of the government’s support measures for next year have already been leaked, the cabinet is currently searching for more short-term solutions to help offset the rising cost of living. Discussions are underway between energy companies and cabinet ministers to determine ways of ensuring that gas and electricity supplies of families and households aren’t cut off this winter.

Sources in The Hague have reported that, together with the energy companies, the government is also looking to establish a fund to help cover the costs of energy bills for those struggling to make ends meet. 

While the government’s budget for next year is due to be announced on Prinsjesdag next week, the cabinet has recently faced mounting pressure from the public to do more to tackle the rising prices and depleting purchasing power before the end of the year. Some of the measures currently on the table are rumoured to be set to be implemented before the winter hits.

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