Christmas dinner for dogs in Eindhoven

Christmas dinner for dogs in Eindhoven

What’s the cutest thing about Christmas? The lights? Huddling around the fire? Decorating the Christmas tree with your family? How about a Christmas dinner for doggies?!

Christmas dinner, doggy style

Yes, it’s about the cutest thing you’ll hear all Christmas, the animal hospital in Eindhoven is organising a Christmas dinner for dogs. A veterinary assistant from Dierenziekenhuis Eindhoven, Puck, explains that the hospital provides a two-course meal, “Think of a stew with rice or pâté appetisers served on a plate.”

Last year, there were around one hundred dogs in attendance. The dogs dress up smart for the occasion, “most dogs come in style, wearing a tie or jacket.” Puck explains that over the course of several sittings, the dogs take their seats at a beautiful set table. If the dogs cannot eat all their food, they get to take the rest of their meal home.

There may still be spots for the dinner. If there are, you can reserve one via Dierenziekenhuis Eindhoven’s website.

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