Choosing TV and broadband deals in the Netherlands

Choosing TV and broadband deals in the Netherlands

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If you’re living, working or staying in the Netherlands for an extended period of time then having a working internet connection is essential. But did you know that you can often find internet package deals that include television services? Ziggo has broken down the things you need to consider when choosing an internet deal or TV package.

For most people, having a reliable internet connection is an essential part of any home, especially since working from home has become significantly more commonplace in the last two years. If you’ve just moved to the Netherlands, you’ll no doubt want to get your new place a working internet connection as soon as possible. However, before you start looking around and signing up for the first deal you come across, there are a few things you should consider when looking at internet deals.

Internet-only deals

The first thing to consider when looking for an internet provider and package is whether you need any other household utility service. Internet providers often package television and house phone services with their broadband services. However, if you already have these amenities, or simply don’t require them, then an internet-only deal is probably best for you.

When looking at internet-only packages you need to decide what you will be using the internet for. If you need it to simply browse the web, send emails and keep in contact with friends and family then you can probably get away with a package that offers you lower download and upload speeds.

If, however, several people in your household will all be using the internet at the same time, you may want to consider opting for higher speeds. It is also a good idea to opt for higher internet speeds if you stream music, movies and TV shows, play games online or need to access large files quickly. Make sure to keep an eye out for certain one-time costs, these can be applied if you need a new modem for example, or if you require installation.

Internet and TV package deals

Moving to a new place comes with its own challenges. If you’re renting, you might just get lucky and find your landlord has internet and television connections already in place. However, if you are buying an unfurnished house, chances are you’ll not only have to sort out an internet connection, you’ll have to sort out a TV connection as well.

A lot of media providers will offer packages that incorporate a television service with an internet connection. Once you have chosen your desired internet speeds, there are a few things to consider when looking at television options.

First, consider what you will watch on TV. If you simply watch news and Freeview channels, then you can opt for a cheaper package. However, more expensive packages will offer services like sports and movie channel subscriptions, on-demand streaming and certain other features like recording and pausing live TV.

Opting for a TV and internet bundle can be quite beneficial. First, they are cheaper than purchasing individual subscriptions. They also allow you to best consider what internet speeds to go for, as TV packages often include streaming and digital services that require a reliable internet connection and certain download speeds. You should also consider if members of your household will be watching TV or streaming at the same time on multiple devices, if this is the case, you should probably consider opting for a more expensive bundle.

Landline phones

Some internet and television providers will also include a landline connection in their bundles. These landline connections often boast cheap call rates and a variety of free services, such as number porting, voicemail, call forwarding and caller ID.

Selecting the right package for you

To summarise, here are a few points of guidance to help you pick the deal that is right for you.

  • Internet-only deals are cheaper than bundles including TV and landline services. If you already have a landline and a television subscription, then opting for an internet-only package is probably right for you.
  • Keep in mind what you will be using the internet for, gaming and streaming require fasting (but more expensive) download and upload speeds.
  • How many people live in your household? Remember, more people using the internet at the same time will require a faster broadband connection.
  • If you do need television services, consider what you will watch. You may need to pay more for subscriptions that offer movie and sports channels.

Are you interested in fast, reliable internet? If so, check out Ziggo for great value internet-only deals. Ziggo also offers TV and all-in-one bundles that include TV and landline services at competitive prices.



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