CBS: More couples in the Netherlands tied the knot in 2022

CBS: More couples in the Netherlands tied the knot in 2022

According to figures published by Statistics Netherlands (CBS), the number of couples who decided to get married increased significantly in 2022, even compared to pre-pandemic years. Meanwhile, the number of registered partnerships decreased for the first time in over 20 years. 

Number of registered partnerships falls for the first time since 2001

This year marks 25 years since the registered partnership was introduced in the Netherlands, and it’s remained a popular choice among couples since its inception in 1998. The number of couples opting for registered partnerships over marriage has increased every year over the past two decades, with over 26.000 couples entering into registered partnerships in 2021. 

2022, however, saw a notable shift in habits among couples living in the Netherlands. While the number of weddings has been increasing since 2020, last year CBS recorded the first year-on-year drop in the number of new registered partnerships. According to the provisional figures, around 24.100 partnerships were registered in the Netherlands in 2022. 

70.000 couples in the Netherlands got married last year

Meanwhile, marriage is an increasingly popular option among couples; after a decrease in 2020 as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, marriage figures have been steadily rising and, in 2022, the Netherlands recorded almost 6.000 more marriages than in 2019. CBS reports that 69.600 couples got married last year. 

Interestingly, the figures show significant differences between partnerships and marriages: “Registered partners seem to approach their relationship more business-like than people who get married.” Generally, weddings are carried out on Fridays during the spring or summer, whereas Monday is the most popular day for partnerships.

Demographics of couples opting for partnership has changed since 1998

CBS suggests that the pandemic might be the reason for the record number of partnerships in 2021, pointing out that couples might have opted for a registered partnership over marriage as a result of the coronavirus restrictions put in place by the Dutch government.

Over the years, CBS notes that partnerships have become an increasingly popular option amongst young and heterosexual couples. Initially, registered partnerships were primarily introduced as a way for same-sex couples to legally register their partnership but, as CBS points out, “over the years, straight couples have become more interested in this form of commitment.” 

The Dutch statistics office also points out that younger couples are also increasingly likely to opt for partnership over marriage as, since 1998, “the average age of people entering into a partnership has decreased, while that of people who get married has continued to increase.” In the late 1990s, couples entering into registered partnerships were, on average, over the age of 40 - now, they’re in their mid-30s.

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