Cash no longer accepted on Amsterdam public transport

Cash no longer accepted on Amsterdam public transport

From March 26 onwards, GVB will no longer accept cash on its buses, trams and ferries in Amsterdam. If you want to use the public transport service after this date, you will need to check in with an OV-chipkaart or pay with a bank card.

Cashless transport

GVB has been phasing out payment by cash on its public transport services since 2016. Last year, in March, 209 buses went cashless in Amsterdam. This year, on February 1, the ferry across the North Sea Canal stopped accepting cash.

Travellers wishing to use a public transport service in Amsterdam can still purchase a ticket on the service using a bank card, check in with an OV-chipkaart or buy a ticket from a sales point before travelling.

Safe chauffeurs

By phasing out cash on public transport vehicles, GVB is ensuring that chauffeurs are safer. The reason for doing so was the attacks on bus chauffeurs in the Dutch city. GVB expects that by transitioning to a cash-free system by March 26 it will become the first transport company in the Netherlands to no longer carry cash in its vehicles.

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Derek Lomas 11:27 | 19 March 2018

Will tourists be able to use credit cards? US bank cards don't work anywhere in Nl

minasolanki 11:39 | 19 March 2018

Hi Derek, you can use a credit card or PIN card to pay for a ticket- see the options via this link: Hope this helps!