Calling and texting to another EU country made cheaper!

Calling and texting to another EU country made cheaper!

That’s right, calling or texting your friends or family in another EU country is now a lot cheaper! What are you waiting for? Pick up that phone!

You can now spend hours on the phone for less

In 2017, changes were implemented which meant that using data, calling and texting in another EU country would cost the same as in the Netherlands. And now, new measures mean that calling and texting from the Netherlands to another EU country has gotten cheaper!

Previously, you would pay between 25 to 75 cents per minute to call to another country in the EU. Now, according to the European Commission, you’ll pay a maximum of 23 cents, including 21 percent VAT and 6 cents for a text message.

Does this apply to everyone?

No. This does not apply to those with a business contract, as these often already have attractive arrangements. The new rules do, however, apply to everyone else with either a mobile or phone line. They also apply if you are temporarily abroad, so calling your friends when you’re on holiday won’t be a problem any more.


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