Bus driver’s strike affects travellers to and from Schiphol amongst others

Bus driver’s strike affects travellers to and from Schiphol amongst others

On Thursday, June 7, Connexxion bus drivers are set to strike in the Haarlem – IJmond, North-Holland North and Amstel Meerlanden regions.

Dutch airport travellers affected

Schiphol falls under these regions, so travellers to and from the Dutch airport may have to sort out alternative modes of transport. The strike will namely last the whole day.

Every day, around 207 buses travel to and from Schiphol airport. A spokesperson from Connexxion expressed that the company will try to maintain bus travel as much as they can and will be placing drivers from other routes, who are not striking, on the most urgent ones.

Failed negotiations

This strike is not the only one being held. In the last few weeks, bus drivers working for regional transport providers have been striking all over the country, one part at a time. Yesterday, bus drivers working for Arriva, for example, participated in strikes in parts of South-Holland and Flevoland.

The strikes are a result of failed negotiations in regards to collective labour agreements. Bus drivers want a higher salary, less work pressure, a better pension and more toilet breaks.

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