bunq: The fully mobile bank for expats

bunq: The fully mobile bank for expats


bunq is your European bank account, tailored to your needs. You can open a full bank account within minutes and use it right away, all for a fixed monthly fee. To sign up, all you need is your phone, your ID and an EU address.

Here is why bunq is the bank for expats:

1. No BSN required to open your account

Most banks require you to have a BSN before you can open an account, but not bunq. If you already know your new home address, you can even open up your account from abroad! One less thing to worry about as a newly arrived expat!

You can enjoy all the benefits of bunq whilst waiting for your BSN to become available, as you can add your tax number up to 90 days after signing up.

2. No need to visit an office

When you first arrive in the Netherlands, you will have to take care of a lot of paperwork, and you will most likely end up having to take multiple trips to various governmental organisations. Sign up with bunq, and you will have one less trip to schedule, as it is a fully mobile bank.

No branch visits, no waiting lines, no paperwork! Sign up now!

3. Multilingual customer support

The app and website are available in 6 languages (Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish and French) and counting. If you need help, there is no need to fret; bunq’s customer support is multilingual too.

4. Personal or business

bunq offers various types of memberships:


There are three types of personal accounts available at bunq: Easy Bank, Easy Money and Easy Green. At least one card is included for free. You can also Joint account for you and your partner(s).

Find out more about bunq’s personal memberships


bunq Business includes many time-saving business features, such as simplified invoice payments, shared employee access, mobile batch payments and bookkeeping software integration.

Find out more about bunq’s business membership

5. Cheap, international payments with TransferWise

bunq offers cheap, international payments with TransferWise. Send money in 39 currencies. You will always get the real exchange rate and there are no hidden fees. Handy for when you want to send money to your family abroad or when you are travelling the world.

bunq TranserWise

Contact bunq

Not a member yet? You can email bunq with any question at [email protected]. They will get back to you as soon as possible!



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