Brexit info point for British expats opens in Amsterdam

The Expatcenter in Amsterdam is opening a special Brexit information point for the nearly 15.000 British nationals who live in the Amsterdam region.

It aims to keep all concerned UK citizens up to date with the latest information that is relevant to the post-Brexit situation.

All British nationals welcome

It welcomes any employees of British companies, along with students from the UK and self-employed Brits in the Netherlands.

The second function of the Brexit info point is to assist firms based in the UK with their possible move to Amsterdam.

More and more requests from UK-based companies

In the last few months Amsterdam received numerous requests from UK-based companies looking for potential relocation sites.

According to Kajsa Ollongren, Deputy Mayor and Alderman to the city of Amsterdam and responsible for economic affairs, the city is getting signals that this number will only increase in the coming months.

UK Desk expanding

For this reason, the Expatcenter’s "UK Desk" is being expanded with more people in order to handle the growing influx of information requests from across the Channel.

A number of Asian firms in the finance sector have already indicated they are interested in moving their London-based operations to Amsterdam, which would then serve as their headquarters for mainland Europe.

Dutch politicians seizing the opportunity

Amsterdam Mayor Eberhard van der Laan recently had meetings with various company and industry representatives, the organisation responsible for foreign investments in the Netherlands and also with the Ministry of Finance. Their aim is to coordinate and facilitate the move of London-based companies to Amsterdam.

The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency is expanding its staff in its London for the same reason. Here interested UK companies can come for all relevant information about moving their offices to the Netherlands.

Ollongren emphasised that Amsterdam intends to continue its cooperation with the city of London in all matters, regardless of changing conditions due to the aftermath of the Brexit referendum.

The Expatcenter is located in the World Trade Center on the Zuidas, the financial hub of Amsterdam.

Thomas Lundberg


Thomas Lundberg

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