Significant support for booster shots in the Netherlands, government awaits advice

Significant support for booster shots in the Netherlands, government awaits advice

As the Dutch government awaits advice from the Health Council of the Netherlands, a recent survey has revealed that approximately two-thirds of the Dutch population support the idea of vulnerable people receiving a so-called booster shot. 

Two-thirds of the Netherlands supports COVID-19 booster shots

A survey carried out by the TV show EenVandaag among 27.000 panellists has found that 64 percent of people in the Netherlands believe it is a good idea to offer a third COVID-19 vaccination to vulnerable members of the population. Only 16 percent of respondents opposed the plan, while the remaining 20 percent were unsure, most of whom were unvaccinated themselves.

Those in favour of the plan felt booster shots were a promising idea if they offered vulnerable people additional protection against the Delta variant. Among this group, 86 percent who are already vaccinated said they would eventually like to receive an additional dose if it offered them extra protection against COVID-19

Interestingly, the survey found that even those in favour of a booster shot felt it was more important to use additional vaccine stock to help vaccinate those in other countries instead of using it for booster shots. 47 percent of those surveyed would like to see excess stock redistributed amongst less fortunate countries.

Dutch Health Council vaccination advice due in September

The Health Council of the Netherlands has announced it will publish its advice in regards to the booster shot by mid-September. The Ministry of Health asked the council for their advice back in June, and the council has already said it is “plausible” that third doses will be administered in the future. 

The United States has already confirmed that members of the population will be offered a booster shot, while Germany, France, and the UK are considering offering those who are exceptionally vulnerable to the virus an extra dose. The World Health Organisation, however, has serious reservations, asking wealthier countries to hold off on offering booster shots until all countries have had the opportunity to administer the first dose(s).

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