Blue Umbrella: Introducing the Blue Business Package

Blue Umbrella: Introducing the Blue Business Package


When moving to the Netherlands, it can be difficult to adjust to a new culture and a new country. In the Netherlands, for example, the weather and social conventions are different from other countries. Once you start to become familiar with these aspects, another challenge arises; Dutch tax laws.

They are difficult and unlike any other rules, especially when it comes to entrepreneurs. But they also allow for great tax reliefs and exemptions.

Taking care of the boring bits

Blue Umbrella would love to guide you through the rules and help you set up a company. With their all-inclusive Blue Business package, they aim to help self-employed expats and small business owners.

Whether you are a freelance painter, technician or graphic designer, Blue Umbrella is able to help you. Their primary objective: taking complete control of your tax administration. This means you will have more time to build and run your company, while Blue Umbrella takes care of the boring bits.

A lot of services for a fixed fee

Get tailored advice for a fair, fixed fee: Blue Business

Every client and company is unique, which is why Blue Umbrella tailors its services to the needs of its clients. These services are provided for a fair, fixed fee per month (tax-deductible), so there are no additional “hidden” costs.

Business advice

Get advice on what company entity will suit your business best and how to register your business with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KVK).


Have the company assist you with either monthly, three-monthly or yearly VAT filings, depending on your companies’ needs and requirements from the Dutch tax office. Of course, international ICP filings are also included.

Other services

Other services that are included in the Blue Business package are:

  • Annual income and company tax filing (provided you were a Blue Business subscriber in the past tax year)
  • Unlimited legal and tax support for you and your partner by mail and phone
  • Administrative support
  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounting support
  • Tax intermediary services.

For more information about the fees, please visit the website.

Peace of mind

The Blue Business department manager has been happily running this service since 2017:

“We see that more and more clients trust us with this service, which to me means this formula is a success. I think the main reason why people use Blue Business, or any of our services for that matter, is because they want to be tax compliant. In some regards, we do not just simply offer a service, we also offer the client peace of mind.”

When asked what the difference is between working with expats and locals, he responded:

“We sometimes have to be punctual and direct with our clients, simply because that is how the tax office expects entrepreneurs to be in the Netherlands. This strict, formal culture is one of the many unique aspects of the Dutch tax system.”

Did you know?

According to the Dutch tax plan (Belastingplan) of 2019, the Dutch tax office aims to make it easier to buy a business bicycle? What is more Dutch than riding your bicycle to meet your clients, while at the same time being considerate to the environment and your health? From the year 2020 onwards, business bicycles will have the same rules applied to them as business cars, with a very welcoming and fair 7% additional tax liability on the price of the bike.

Of course, you can always contact Blue Umbrella – whether that’s now or in 2020 - to help you set this up for your own company!

Contact Blue Umbrella now

Have you just moved to the Netherlands and are you looking for professional, affordable and all-inclusive tax support? Blue Umbrella might just be the company you are looking for! Make an appointment now or call them on +31 (0)20 4687560.



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