Beach weather this weekend in the Netherlands

Beach weather this weekend in the Netherlands

Hooray, we may just get some summer weather after all! For many of us in the Netherlands, this is exactly what the doctor ordered, after what seems like weeks of never-ending rain showers.

Get your swimsuit out of the drawer

Get your swimsuit and sun cream out! And maybe grab a beach read, as this weekend could be the first time this month that the weather is good enough to go to the beach. On Saturday, August 24, the sun will be blazing in the sky and highs of 27C in the north and over 30C in the south are expected. Saturday is the best day to venture to the beach, with temperatures of 25C to 28C forecast. If you can't get to a beach, why not try a lake?

Sunday, August 25 will be even hotter than Saturday, temperatures soaring to between 30C and 32C in the south and east. The most southern parts of the Netherlands may even clock a scorching 33C! Despite the higher temperatures, it may not be the best day to play in the sea, as a cool sea breeze may cause temperatures to fall to 21C to 24C during the course of the afternoon.


Will it stay warm?

It looks like the weather will stay warm and sunny for a few days after the weekend, with highs of 26C to 31C. That’s pretty warm considering the end of August usually sees temperatures of around 20C to 22C. The possibility of storms and colder weather will, however, gradually increase. After next weekend, it seems as though the summer will be gone.

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