Basic health insurance to include new breast cancer treatment

A new treatment for breast cancer will be added to basic health insurance packages from January 1, as decided by Minister Schippers, the current Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport in the Netherlands.

The available treatment

Every year in the Netherlands, 90.120 women under 60 years of age are diagnosed with BRCA1-like stage III; an aggressive form of hereditary breast cancer that is most prevalent in young women.

The health insurance package will cover the cost of an experimental treatment for women with BRCA1-like stage III. During the treatment, women will receive a high dose chemotherapy and stem cell transplantation.

The budget

The government has set aside a budget of 4,4 million euros, which will be made available to women between 18 and 65 years old for up to a period of six years.

Since 2012, conditional treatments have been made available a total of 15 times within basic health insurance packages.

Under this conditional admission to the basic health care package, patients will receive faster access to promising treatments which will in turn, give medical professionals and hospitals quick insight into how effective the treatment is.

At the end of the conditional period, a decision will be made as to whether the treatment will be added to the basic health care package on a more permanent basis.

Health insurance

Health insurance is compulsory in the Netherlands. Find out about health insurance companies and how to get covered. 

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