April was the wettest Dutch April in almost 100 years

April was the wettest Dutch April in almost 100 years

April was the wettest April in the Netherlands for almost 100 years, according to data released from Weerplaza. The amount of rainfall was double that usually expected for the month. 

April was wettest ever in the Netherlands, alongside April 1932

The weather in April was the wettest April on record in the Netherlands, together with the year of 1932, according to the meteorological service Weerplaza. 93 millimetres of rain fell throughout the month, which was more than twice the rainfall that usually takes place in the Netherlands in the month of April. 

The rainiest town in the Netherlands last month was that of Woudenberg in Utrecht, where 141 millimetres of rain fell during April. Utrecht, together with Flevoland and Gelderland, received more rain than other provinces, while it was drier overall in Brabant and Limburg.

April 2024 was comparatively wet, but not cold

Though last month was wetter than usual April, the weather was not especially cold. In fact, the first four months of 2024 were mild in temperature, but were the four wettest on record - only March was drier than average. Together, the first four months of this year are the wettest on record, with 344 millimetres of rain in the first quarter of 2024.

The temperature in April was 1 degree Celsius higher than usual, with recordings at De Bilt putting the monthly average at 10,7 degrees.

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