Another deceased after tram shooting in Utrecht

Another deceased after tram shooting in Utrecht

On March 18, shots were fired in a tram in Utrecht. Three people lost their lives that day. Now another who was severely injured in the attack joins the list of deceased civilians.

Increasing death toll

On Thursday, March 28, a 74-year-old man from Meern passed away after sustaining severe injuries in the Utrecht shooting. The man's son indicated that his father suffered a great deal of pain in the period between the attack and his death, “What this man has had to go through these last 11 days is horrendous. He has suffered so much pain, it is indescribable. Today, we released him from that pain, as difficult as it was for us.”

According to his son, the deceased had a love of food. However, his injuries meant that his small and large intestines, as well as his rectum, had to be removed. He would have never been able to eat again and would have had to live a life constantly attached to tubes. Of the three who were severely injured, one is thus now deceased; one has been released from hospital and one, a 20-year-old woman from Utrecht, remains in hospital.

Gunman confesses to crime

The suspect, Gökmen T., confessed to the police that he had committed the attack and had acted alone. The attack took the lives of two men and one woman on March 18, another man has now been added to this toll. The Dutch Public Prosecutor’s Office suspects the gunman of three separate criminal offences: multiple homicides or manslaughter, attempted murder and threat, all with terrorist intent. Next week, the court will decide whether to keep him on remand.

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