Annoying neighbours are Amsterdam residents' No. 1 complaint

Each year, the Amsterdam police receive more complaints from people about their neighbours than all other forms of complaints combined, as reported by the Parool.

In 2012 the police received 12.585 complaints about neighbours - more than all complaints about homeless people, drugs, alcohol and young people combined.

Within each borough, housing associations, police, and insurance work together to combat and register nuisances.

Despite this improved cooperation between authorities, extreme nuisance is still difficult to control and a clear separation of different types of nuisance are still not always available.

Data released by the various boroughs indicate that in the entire city, just 15 people have had their rental contracts terminated by courts.

Housing corporations have to build up huge files in order to terminate a rental contract, and it therefore often takes a very long time before extreme nuisances are stopped.

Carly Blair


Carly Blair



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