Amsterdam’s public transport by 2024

According to a report released by GVB, the company that runs Amsterdam’s public transport system, by 2024 public transport will be 10 per cent safer, 20 per cent faster and carry a third more passengers. All this, with a reduction in government subsidies of at least 40 per cent.

The city of Amsterdam subsidised the public transport system to the tune of 150 million euros in 2011; that will fall to about 50 million euros by 2024.

GVB claim, however, that they can still improve quality by "playing into the different mobility streams, shortening travel time, offering a clear network, further improvements in (dynamic) travel information, and by providing services where our passengers need us the most."

What are the actual changes?

Amsterdam’s current "spaghetti network" winds back and forth through the city and overall has relatively low frequencies.

GVB plans to introduce a new timetable that focuses on the five most important ports in Amsterdam to move people more quickly, and then connects trams and buses with different, higher frequency metro routes.

It means also that those routes which have no added value will be scrapped, some as early as next year. One tram line and one bus route will be discontinued, while 25 relatively unused bus stops (out of the total 1.900 stops in Amsterdam) will be closed.

On the other hand, some services will run more frequently. Next year the metro will make a first step in running more often on Saturday and Sunday mornings, while some trams and busses will run more often between certain stations.

The City Region of Amsterdam is investing an extra 600 million euros in regional public transportation in 2014-2015, a large part of which will be spent in Amsterdam. This will pay for the modifications in infrastructure and circulation measures, such as bus and tram lanes and the moving and discontinuing of stops, that mark the beginning of GVB’s proposed leaner and more effective public transport system.

Source: GVB


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