Amsterdammers more positive about the Dutch monarchy

Some 715 Amsterdammers have been surveyed on their views on the upcoming Queen's Day and their thoughts on the Dutch monarchy in general, revealing that, for the most part, they are happy with their political role.

Forty-eight percent of Amsterdammers responded in support of the monarchy maintaining their political role, while 30 percent believe that the role should disappear. Some 17 percent would like the monarchy themselves to be disbanded.

Whenever the same question was asked in 2008, opinion was much more divided, with 38 percent believing that the political role of the monarchy should remain and 35 percent believing that it should be eliminated. Six percent less people would have liked to have seen the monarchy removed entirely than in 2008.

Queen's Day
The survey has also revealed that 62 percent of the capital's citizens believe that the upcoming inauguration of Prince Willem-Alexander will make this April 30th a more special day than a regular Queen's Day.

Thirty-nine percent of people solicited said that they would be watching the inauguration on the television but another 13 percent were expecting to go the Dam for the crowning.

This number may be a little worrying for the Amsterdam Mayor, Eberhard van der Laan, who is only expecting some 20 to 25.000 people on the Dam and has revealed plans to spread the festivities around the city as much as possible.

Other statistics of note
  Most Amsterdammers (47 percent) think that Princess Maxima is the nicest member of the royal family.
  Thirty-eight percent of people do not want a grand celebration, but would not like it to be too restrained either.
  In January 2012, 15 percent of Amsterdammers correctly predicted that Queen Beatrix would abdicate her throne.

Source: Gemeente Amsterdam
Photo credit: Het Koninklijk Huis

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