Amsterdam wants to use cameras to enforce the scooter ban

Amsterdam wants to use cameras to enforce the scooter ban

Back in April, the municipality of Amsterdam issued a ban on scooters on the cycle paths (with some exceptions). For the first two months of the ban, those flouting the new rules were not fined, as this period was seen as one of adjustment. Now, the municipality wants to use cameras to catch those disregarding the rules.

Catching scooters on the bike path

Since the ban was implemented, 3.500 fines have been issued and 360 warnings. Amsterdam now wants to use environmental cameras to increase the chance of catching scooter drivers who are disregarding the rules and still driving on the cycle path. The municipality is also looking into the possibility of using mobile cameras.

Using cameras to monitor scooters and mopeds in Amsterdam is nothing new. Two tunnels in Amsterdam already use cameras to make sure that mopeds and scooters steer clear of them; these are the underpass at the Rijksmuseum and the tunnel under Central Station to the ferries.

A 2016 analysis of the camera use at the Rijksmuseum showed that using the cameras was particularly efficient for enforcement. According to the report, cameras caught 2,5 times more offenders than traffic controllers at the scene. There is however a downside, namely the high costs for installation and operating.

A spokesperson for the city expressed that using cameras to enforce the law offers many possibilities for the future. However, enforcement must be “targeted”. “We want to take privacy and costs into account. That’s why we are currently researching the possibilities.”

Fewer serious accidents

Since the implementation of the ban, the number of serious accidents involving scooter drivers has decreased significantly. Between April and August, 10 serious accidents occurred which involved scooters. Last year in the same period, the police registered 53 serious accidents. Additionally fewer serious accidents involving cyclists were reported.

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