Amsterdam transport launches music pilot project in metros

GVB, Amsterdam’s public transport company, has launched a pilot project with music and nature sounds at various metro stations across the city.

The pilot project

The GVB has started to test playing music in Amsterdam metro stations through the public announcement speakers.

In a press release, the public transport company stated that the music was to be specifically tuned to the "time of day and the number of travellers".

For example, when considering an early morning commute during rush hour, soothing music and the sounds of nature will be played. In contrast, afternoon journeys will experience more upbeat, energetic music.

The choice of music

If you’re hoping thy will play the latest hits then, unfortunately, that won’t be the case.

The GVB has instead commissioned a special compilation of music by Maarten Hartveldt, the music composer of the Efteling. 

The aim of the project

The aim of the GVB pilot project is to "enhance the travel experience at Metro stations".

The transport company stated that the music will not play during important announcements. 


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