Amsterdam in the top 5 of Europe’s most dynamic cities ranking

Amsterdam has landed fourth place in Savills Investment Management’s ranking of Europe’s Most Dynamic Cities. Amsterdam followed London, Paris and Cambridge who were in the top three. 

About the study

Savills Investment Management’s index compared a total of 130 European cities using 60 indicators across six categories; infrastructure, interconnection, inclusion, inspiration, innovation, and investment. Each city was given a score out of 100 and shortlisted based on current and projected data.

The Dynamic Cities index assesses cities that have strong economic growth, are technologically advanced and have healthy population and wealth trends. These are believed to lead to urbanisation, the knowledge economy and technological change.

How Amsterdam scored

Amsterdam scored a total of 74 percent as the commercial and financial centre of the Netherlands. It is home to many corporations including BCG, KPMG, Philips, ING, ABN AMRO, and AkzoNobel.  

Its best score was for Innovation, also coming in at 4th place, whilst its worst score was for Inclusiveness, which looks at how well people from different backgrounds get along.

It’s seaport and international airport have helped Amsterdam become a national and international distribution hub, ranking 6th for Interconnection.

Furthermore, Amsterdam, as part the Randstad, has one of the largest metro line regions in Europe. The new north-south metro will connect thousands from the north to the south in just 15 minutes.

The city also has the fourth highest number of start-ups in Europe, and according to the study, Amsterdam is expected to grow significantly in all areas including population and GDP over the next decade. 

How other Dutch cities scored
Three other Dutch cities made it in the top 50. Utrecht made it to 46th place, Eindhoven followed, in 48th position and The Hague was not too far behind in 50th place. 

Eindhoven was ranked 8th best city in Europe in the field of innovation. 

Overall trend

"Europe’s most dynamic cities are future-proofing themselves by creating environments that encourage the growth of a "knowledge economy", which will increasingly drive wealth creation.

The report shows that size isn’t everything; smaller cities such as Cambridge, Edinburgh, Dublin and Stockholm are well positioned to grow in influence over the coming years and are likely to become increasingly attractive locations for property investment," states Kiran Patel, Chief Investment Officer at Savills IM.

Compare countries

The Dynamic Cities map lets you scroll over all the cities that were chosen for the study to see their scores. 

Top 10 most dynamic cities

Here’s are the top 10 cities:
1. London, England
2. Paris, France
3. Cambridge, England
4. Amsterdam, the Netherlands
5. Berlin, Germany
6. Munich, Germany
7. Dublin, Ireland
8. Stockholm, Sweden
9. Edinburgh, Scotland
10. Zurich, Switzerland


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