Amsterdam ranks first as city with most cultural attractions per capita

A new ranking has released a list of cities that have the highest concentration of culture per capita, including the most history, art, music, theatre and food, and guess who is number one on their list?

Attractions per capita

The rank reveals 30 of the most popular cities around the world that have the largest amount of cultural attractions per capita, so the city’s size and population density have definitely played a large part in the findings along with a great number of smaller attractions.

To obtain a clear view of the numbers, data was taken from TripAdvisor and the Michelin Guide, which include theatres, Michelin-starred restaurants, concert halls, museums, art galleries and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Top 10 cultural cities

1 - Amsterdam
2 - Dublin
3 - Prague
4 - Miami
5 - Paris
6 - Barcelona
7 - Milan
8 - Rome
9 - Vienna
10 - London

See an overview of the world’s top 30 cultural cities, ranked by their cultural attractions per capita.

Cultural hotspots

Special mention is made of the Jordaan, for its art galleries and eateries, and Museumplein, for the most famous museums in Amsterdam, as well as exhibitions and markets, as cultural and touristic hotspots.

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