Amsterdam to move scooters off the cycle path in 2019

Amsterdam to move scooters off the cycle path in 2019

Last year, the Dutch House of Representatives expressed support for a ban on scooters on the cycle path. Now, as of July 1, Dutch municipalities and other road authorities will be able to implement this ban and send scooters onto public roads, with a helmet of course.

Amsterdam plans

In Amsterdam, the city council doesn’t want to waste any time and plans to implement the ban as quickly as possible. The mayor of Amsterdam and the aldermen will be discussing the matter around mid-July. Residents will be able to give their opinion from August 14 until September 24, after which a definitive decision will be made.

Once a decision has been made, an awareness campaign will be set up by the municipality along with signs and road markings, making it clear where scooters have to use the roads instead of the cycle paths. As early as the start of 2019, scooters may be moved to the road.

Safety on Dutch roads and cycle paths

Amsterdam’s cycle paths are getting increasingly busier and the number of accidents is also rising. The municipality wants to increase traffic safety, hence the decision to move scooters onto the road.

At the moment, scooters may travel at speeds of up to 25km / hour. Research shows however, that 80 percent of scooters in Amsterdam travel at speeds above the limit. You can recognise a scooter by its blue license plate.

Once the ban is in place, scooters will have to drive on the road instead of the cycle path inside the A10 city ring, unless displayed otherwise. This indicative map shows the cycle paths that will likely be affected by the new measures.

Currently, it is not obligatory to wear a helmet when on a scooter. Often, because of this, drivers suffer serious injury from accidents. For this reason, those on a scooter on the road will need to wear a helmet. 

Mixed reactions to the new measure

Traffic alderman, Sharon Dijksma, is happy that the green light has been given, but also expresses that this measure is drastic and complicated. Scooter users may have to take different routes than those they are used to and will have to get used to their place on the road.

RAI Association is, on the other hand, not happy about the decision to allow scooters onto the road. According to the association, it has been scientifically proven that traffic safety does not improve, and scooter drivers are put in danger because of this measure.

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Mar Coamo Roso 12:41 | 19 December 2018

Just a question, will all these scooters go on the street keeping the limit speed of 25km/h? what about the cars behind? loooooooooong queue and huge traffic I guess.