Amsterdam is most attractive city to live in the Netherlands

Amsterdam has been named the most attractive city to live in by the annual publication, the Atlas for Municipalities.

Still top despite high crime rate

The capital of the Netherlands has once more been crowned with the honour of being the most attractive city in the country, in spite of its reputation as the most dangerous city in the Netherlands, as well as being one of the most dangerous cities in Europe.

Just last year the city was shown to have one of the highest crime rates on the continent; however, this is put down to the large number of tourists and the pickpockets who inevitably follow. In fact, incidences of pick pocketing in the city rose sharply last year.

Cultural Capital

Amsterdam maintains its attractiveness mainly thanks to its position as the cultural capital of the Netherlands. With so many cultural events occurring in the city, as well as having a wide range of opportunity for work, Amsterdam remains the place to be.

The Atlas also praised the city for its increased accessibility, second on the list of the most improved cities in this regard, just behind neighbour Amstelveen.

About the Atlas for Municipalities

The Atlas for Municipalities is an annual publication which compares 50 of the largest municipalities in the Netherlands on their attractiveness, using factors such as infrastructure, crime rates and accessibility.

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Source: DutchAmsterdam

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