Amsterdam launches OVpay: Check in on public transport with a phone or debit card

Amsterdam launches OVpay: Check in on public transport with a phone or debit card

The public transport operator in Amsterdam, GVB, announced that as of November 29, all travellers making use of public transport services in the Dutch capital are now able to check in and out using contactless payment systems on their mobile phones or debit cards. 

No more OV-chipkaart - just check in with your phone or debit card

Called OVpay, the new contactless payment system will make it easier for members of the public to travel by public transport in Amsterdam, even if they don’t have an OV-chipkaart to hand. But don’t worry, your OV-chipkaart hasn’t been rendered useless by this new technology: you’ll still be able to use it to check in and out as normal.

In principle, checking in with your smartphone, debit card or credit card works exactly the same way as checking in with your OV-chipkaart. Travellers just have to make sure they use the same card when checking in and out, and they’ll see the charged amount on their bank statement the next day.

OVpay gradually being introduced across the Netherlands

The new technology has been tested as part of various trials run across the Netherlands. However, the launch of the system has been delayed as a result of software issues. The system is being gradually introduced to different cities and modes of transportation and is set to be in operation nationwide by 2023. 

Amsterdam is the second Dutch city to launch OVpay, after HTM in The Hague introduced the new payment system earlier this year. Currently, OVpay is compatible with contactless debit cards from all of the major Dutch banks, as well as Mastercard and Visa contactless credit cards and contactless debit and credit cards from Maestro, VPAY, Mastercard and Visa.

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