Amsterdam hospital launches app to check corona symptoms

Amsterdam hospital launches app to check corona symptoms

Amsterdam hospital OLVG has launched an app for people in the Amsterdam region to check whether they may possibly have coronavirus. By launching the app, OLVG hopes to quash some of the fears people who think they are infected have.

App for checking coronavirus symptoms

The OLVG app is for people in the Amsterdam region, so that they can check symptoms that could possibly be caused by coronavirus. The hospital does emphasise that the app is not a replacement for regular care or emergency help. If you are extremely sick, you should, of course, take necessary action, instead of solely referring to the app.

The app is not only good for people wondering if they have coronavirus, but also for healthcare staff, as it allows OLVG to stay up to date on the health of a number of people from a distance. This way, they can respond better to the demand for healthcare in the region. 

Monitoring coronavirus symptoms

Via the app, you can pass on certain health data daily. For example, how often you are coughing, your temperature and if you are suffering from shortness of breath. The OLVG corona check team then assesses the answers provided via the app and then, if there is a medical reason, will contact you within 24 hours. If there is no medical reason for you to be contacted, you will receive a message within 48 hours. 

Note: you have to fulfil certain criteria to get the app. It is only for postcodes 1000 to 1119. 

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