Amsterdam home to one of world's best outdoor swimming pools

Amsterdam home to one of world's best outdoor swimming pools

French newspaper Le Monde recently published a list of the seven best outdoor pools in the world, and Amsterdam’s own Flevoparkbad is one of them!

Family-friendy fun in green Amsterdam

Lauded for being a true family-friendly swimming pool, it made the list for having so much green space where people can sunbath while kids can run around and enjoy the play area when they’re not splashing in the water. The vicinity to Flevopark also makes this Amsterdam outdoor pool stand out.

It has an 50-metre-long olympic swimming pool, along with smaller and shallower child-friendly pools.

The Flevoparkbad opened its doors to the public in 1967 and has its the green surroundings intact. In recent years attendance had dropped off somewhat and the city actually considered closing down the public pool.

After the local community managed to raise support and awareness, the city government guaranteed that the pool will remain open for years to come. Local newspaper Het Parool declared the pool to be the best outdoor pool in Amsterdam for two years in a row now.

Easy access via public transport

In case you’re not sure how to get to the Flevoparkbad, both Tram 7 and 14 stop there along with Bus 37. There’s also room to park your car.

1 million euros to be invested

The city of Amsterdam announced this summer it will invest 1 million euros in renovating the Flevoparkbad, which will make at least the olympic pool suitable for another 40 years of use.

Top 7 outdoor pools according to Le Monde

These are the best outdoor pools according to the French newspaper:
1) Berlin - Badeschiff
2) London - Brockwell Lido
3) Copenhagen - Kastrup Søbad
4) Sydney - Icebergs Rock Pool
5) Capetown - Sea Point Pool
6) Amsterdam - Flevoparkbad
7) Lyon - Centre Nautique Tony Bertrand

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