Amsterdam green spaces receive 10 million euro investment

The city of Amsterdam has agreed to invest three million euros in the improvement of public green spaces. Approximately an additional seven million euros will be provided by companies and institutions in the region.

A Green Agenda

According to the city council’s Green Agenda, presented at the beginning of April 2015, the city must ensure that every resident lives within a few minutes’ travelling distance of a green space.

The Green Agenda forms part of Amsterdam’s network of projects related to fostering long-term sustainability and public health.

The city plans to accomplish its goal by improving and expanding parks, and making nature areas more accessible.

Investing in parks and schools

Among the projects planned for Amsterdam are a joining of the Vondelpark and Rembrandtpark via added green space, and an edible forest in the north of the city. Improvements will also be made to the Molenwerf and the periphery of the Westerpark.

Funds from organisations Groen Zuidas and Waternet will go towards substantial reworking of the Martin Luther Kingpark.

Schoolyards will also become greener via the project, with contributions from retailers, the Schiphol Funds, and schools themselves.

Emily McCallum


Emily McCallum

Emily grew up in a small coastal town in western Canada and moved to Utrecht in 2014, after completing her studies in Vancouver and Germany. So far, she has been...

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