Amsterdam is Europe’s 8th most popular city for tourists

Amsterdam is Europe’s 8th most popular city for tourists

For the second year in a row Amsterdam is one of the world’s 30 most popular city destinations, and the eighth most popular city in Europe for foreign tourists to visit.

According to data from Euromonitor International, in 2014 more than 5,7 million foreign tourists came to enjoy the Dutch capital. That’s an increase of half a million people compared to the year before.

Thanks to the increase in visitors, Amsterdam climbed one place compared to the year before, passing Moscow on the world list.

Top 10 European cities in 2014

1) London
2) Paris
3) Istanbul
4) Rome
5) Prague
6) Milan
7) Barcelona
8) Amsterdam
9) Vienna
10) Venice

Most popular world destinations in 2014

Hong Kong is the most popular destination in the world, with 27,7 million tourists. London climbed to second place with 17,4 million, followed by Singapore with 17 million tourists. Paris and Istanbul are the only other two European cities in the world top 10.

Euromonitor International predicts that the world population will reach 8,5 billion by 2030, and that 5,1 billion people will live in cities by then.

Top 10 cities in the world in 2014

1) Hong Kong
2) London
3) Singapore
4) Bangkok
5) Paris
6) Macau
7) Shenzhen
8) New York City
9) Istanbul
10) Kuala Lumpur

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