Amsterdam CS gets its own terminal for trains to London

Central Station is building a new terminal for the upcoming quick train connection between Amsterdam and London. The train is meant to stop in Brussels, Rotterdam, Amsterdam Schiphol and Amsterdam.

The new terminal

The Eurostar terminal has been designed by Benthem Crouwel Architects and will join with platform 15B on the East side; the platform closest to the IJ. It will be 60 meters long and have a view of the river. 

A special closed off terminal is necessary as Britain still requires all passports to be checked along with the necessary security controls similar to those taking place at airports.

Amsterdam to London service

The service will be twice a day starting mid-December, with a third service being added at a later date in 2018. The journey will take four hours and nine minutes. 

Challenges with space

The project is not without its challenges. Schiphol, for example, has a very small underground station. There is not much space for special controls.

It is still not known whether Schiphol will indeed be a stop. Eurostar is in the process of finding a solution. 

A temporary measure

The Eurostar Terminal at Amsterdam Central Station is meant to be a temporary measure as the entire station is undergoing a massive 10-year renovation. Its layout will expand over a vaster area so that it can accommodate more passengers.

The upcoming checks will not apply to other high-speed trains to Amsterdam Central Station, including the Thalys to Paris and ICE to Frankfurt, as these are within continental Europe.

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