Amsterdam: Best city in the world for millennials

A study by Nestpick, an online intermediary for furnished accommodation, has ranked Amsterdam the best city worldwide for millennials.


Millennials are people who were born between the year 1980 and 2000.

According to Nestpick, Millennials are "often defined by their affinity with technology, their entrepreneurial mindset, and their revitalising effects on cities. For all their positive attributes, this demographic is also well-documented for their highly expectant standards, and will not stay long in a location that does not match their criteria." 

The study

Nestpick has deemed Amsterdam the best city in the world to live and visit if you are a millennial. It won over Berlin and Munich.

The Berlin-based company chose 16 categories to assess each city by including scores for employment, start-ups, tourism, housing, transport, health, access to contraception, food, internet speed, Apple stores, gender equality, immigration tolerance, pro-LGBT, night scene, beer and festival ranking. 

Amsterdam scored high across the board, but if millennials are looking for a cheap beer, they’re better off going to Eastern Europe.

Other Dutch cities

Four other Dutch cities made it to the ranking. These include The Hague in 14th place, Rotterdam in 17th, Utrecht in 35th and Groningen in 42nd place. 

"Millennials travel more at a younger age than any of their preceding generations; this gives them the possibility to find the perfect city for their personal needs," said Ömer Kücükdere, Managing Director at Nestpick. "With ageing populations, cities must cater to the Millennial demographic in order to sustain a thriving economy."

Top 10 cities

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands
2. Berlin, Germany
3. Munich, Germany
4. Lisbon, Portugal
5. Antwerp, Belgium
6. Barcelona, Spain
7. Lyon, France
8. Cologne, Germany
9. Paris, France
10. Vancouver, Canada

For the full listing, go to the Nestpick site.

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