Amsterdam among top 15 world cities with best reputation

Amsterdam among top 15 world cities with best reputation

Amsterdam has made it into the top 15 of the Reputation Institute's City RepTrak survey 2014. The Netherlands’ capital has been making a speedy ascension up the ranks in recent years, having been listed in 41st place as recently as 2012.

City RepTrak survey 2014

The Reputation Institute’s City RepTrak survey ranks cities based on levels of admiration, respect, trust and esteem.

By surveying more than 19.000 people across the G8 countries, the Reputation Institute compiles an annual chart of which cities boast the best image.

Participants also rate cities across 15 sub-categories that fall under the themes of "Advanced Economy", "Effective Government" and "Appealing Environment".

Amsterdam: 14th most reputable city

Amsterdam made it into 2014’s top 15 - coming in at number 14 - in a rank of 100 cities.

The city recognised as having the best reputation worldwide was Vienna. Other cities that made the top five were Munich, Sydney, Florence and Venice. In contrast, Bogota, Cairo, Karachi, Mexico City and Moscow were ranked as having the worst reputation.

The Reputation Institute's 2014 city ranking

Rank City
1.  Vienna
2.  Munich
3. Sydney
4.  Florence
5.  Venice
6.  Oslo
7.  Vancouver
8.  London
9.  Barcelona
10.  Montreal
11.  Copenhagen
12.  Helsinki
13. Brussels
14. Amsterdam
15.  Paris

Ongoing recognition of Amsterdam

The Reputation Institute’s approval of Amsterdam’s admirable image on the global stage is just the latest in a series of successful rankings for the Netherlands’ capital.

Already in 2014 Amsterdam was placed 11th in Mercer's Quality of Living rankings, in 2013 it was judged fourth most creative global city by the Global Cities project, and in 2012 it was ranked second in the Spatially Adjusted Liveability Index, as part of The Economist's annual Liveability Ranking.

Amsterdam’s reputation boosted

Whilst Amsterdam evidently enjoys a positive reputation worldwide, this recent ranking might be particularly welcome as it comes hot on the heels of the city facing a minor bout of negativity.

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, branded the city centre "sleazy" on the basis of its tolerant drugs policy, provoking a defence from Amsterdam major Eberhard van der Laan.

More recently, Amsterdam hit the headlines for the wrong reasons on account of tourist fatalities resulting from heroine falsely being sold as cocaine by street dealers.

Sources: Reputation Institute, Volkskrant, Nos

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