Amsterdam acquires a new island

Amsterdam acquires a new island

Amsterdam is about to acquire a new island in the IJmeer, called Middeneiland (Middle Island). The builders, B&W have already made a start at clearing the land. 

City council postponed construction

In 2012, the city council decided to abandon the construction of Middeneiland because at the time, it would have cost between 40 to 60 million, which they found was too much of a financial risk.

The pancake method

Now the council is ready to take the plunge. The island, being man-made, will use the "pancake" method. This includes spraying layers of sand onto each other until it builds up a significant coastline.

The land must then be given a few years to settle before the builders can build houses on top of it. This method will commence in the summer of 2018 across 80 hectares of land.

Additional hectares

An additional 70 hectares may be added later as it is expected that 3.000 homes will be built between 2021 and 2026.

Middeneiland is part of Phase II of IJburg’s construction plan, which includes Centrumeiland (Centre Island) and Buiteneiland (Outer Island), which will be constructed at some point in the future. 

"It is a beautiful piece of Amsterdam where living, moving and nature come first," said Land manager, Alderman Eric van der Burg.

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