Amsterdam 50th most expensive city in the world for expats

Amsterdam fell to the 50th place in Mercer’s Cost of Living survey, which ranks the most expensive cities in the world for expats.

The survey covers 214 cities across five continents and measures the comparative cost of over 200 items in each location, including housing, transport, food, clothing, household goods and entertainment. It is the world’s most comprehensive cost of living survey and is designed to help multinational companies and governments determine compensation allowances for their expatriate employees.

"In most Western European cities the cost of living for expatriates has remained relatively stable over the last 12 months. However, many of the region’s cities have still dropped in the ranking. In large, this is because all cities are compared to New York and price increases there have been more significant than in most European cities," stated senior researcher Ms Constantin-Métral.

Note that the Netherlands’ capital was at number 35 last year and number 25 two years ago.

About Mercer
Mercer is a global leader in human resource consulting, outsourcing and investment services as well as a premier provider of advice and market data on international and expatriate compensation management.

 For more information have a look at Worldwide Cost of Living survey 2011 - City rankings.

Top 50 cities: cost of living
 Luanda, Angola
 Tokyo, Japan
 N’Djamena, Chad
 Moscow, Russia
 Geneva, Switzerland
 Osaka, Japan
 Zurich, Switzerland
 Singapore, Singapore
 Hong Kong, Hong Kong
 Sao Paulo, Brazil
 Nagoya, Japan
 Libreville, Gabon
 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
 Sydney, Australia
 Oslo, Norway
 Bern, Switzerland
 Copenhagen, Denmark
 London, UK
 Seoul, South Korea
 Beijing, China
 Shanghai, China
 Melbourne, Australia
 Niamey, Niger
 Tel Aviv, Israel
 Victoria, Seychelles
 Milan, Italy
 Paris, France
 Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
 St. Petersburg, Russia
 Perth, Australia
 Brisbane, Australia
 New York, United States
 Brasilia, Brazil
 Rome, Italy
 Canberra, Australia
 Vienna, Austria
 Noumea, New Caledonia
 Guangzhou, China
 Djibouti, Djibouti
 Stockholm, Sweden
 Lagos, Nigeria
 Helsinki, Finland
 Shenzhen, China
 Dakar, Senegal
 Khartoum, Sudan
 Adelaide, Australia
 Prague, Czech Republic
 Baku, Azerbaijan
 Bangui, Central African Rep.
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