Almost 500 attacks using explosives in the Netherlands so far in 2024

Almost 500 attacks using explosives in the Netherlands so far in 2024

The Netherlands has seen nearly 500 explosive attacks on houses so far in 2024, with more and more incidents taking place outside of major Dutch cities. Still, the figures show that most of the attacks take place in and around Amsterdam and Rotterdam

Police want new task force to tackle explosive attacks

The police want to start a new task force to try and tackle the problem. Most of the 496 explosive attacks reported to the police this year have been put down to gangland rivalry, which complicates policing the crimes. 

According to officials, the task force would involve housing corporations, insurers, local municipalities and youth organisations working together alongside Dutch police and law enforcement to tackle the problem before it becomes even more prevalent. 

Youngsters are often used to place the explosives

According to high-impact crime chief Jos van der Stap, young people are often used to place the explosives. “They are vulnerable young people who are willing to commit serious crimes and take great risks for a few euros. Their average age is 23, which is low compared to other crimes but some are as young as 13 or 14”, van der Stap said. 

Dutch police are also cooperating with law enforcement agencies in Belgium and Germany to help stop the crimes from escalating. They also want social media platforms to do more to stop recruiting young people to lay the explosives. “These platforms are attractive because there is no control or supervision, let alone sanctions,” van der Stap explained. “Carrying out more controls would make them more resistant to abuse.”



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